Coast theme set

Opera Coast asked me to come up with some themes for their browser. I created quite a lot of pieces, focusing on three styles I thought would fit the product and target audience: Pop Art, Low Polys and Abstract Arts. As themes, the illustrations serve as backdrops to the interface, so they need to not steal too much attention. Vibrant colors and simple motifs or complex shapes in harmonic colors is my angle to solve this.

Opera Coast themes

Opera 15 Chromium

Prior to the switch of engines, each desktop designer sat down and made proposals for the new browser. We not only changed the engine at that time, but also the target audience. Before, Opera aimed at the savvy techie. From Opera 15 and on, the regular Joe and Jane. The focus was shifted from a feature rich application to one with the essentials. The goal was to make a clutter free experience that was intuitive to use and did not steal focus from the web content.

Photoshop mockups

Icon sets

Over the years, I've created various icon sets and logos for all sorts of applications. I love to distill the function behind the little artwork and create something that communicate this in a simple as possible shape.

Icon sets, sketches and concepts

Discover Browser Concept

A side project I did on my own to investigate how the news reader could be a separate product. The main focus is on feeding the user with relevant articles and bringing the content to the user directly instead of having them traverse the web to find it. Opera has such a feature, Discover and I based this concept on what would have been feasable quickly. Secondary to the news feed, the application would serve as a regular browser. I used this project to learn Axure RP.

Axure prototype screencaps

Opera Mail

When Opera switched to the Chromium engine, the mail client was thrown out and made a standalone application. I was tasked to revamp it. It's a lean, lightweight and very powerful mail client that breaks no sweat handling hundreds of thousands of mails and rss feeds.

Photoshop mockups

Opera Desktop low polygon themes

I've been fascinated by low poly artwork for some time and figured I should have a go at them myself. I've experimented with different techniques in Illustrator and ended up with one that is pretty flexible when it comes to level of detail. It delivers very simple to very complex artworks. The Desktop Team saw some of the early pieces and had me create themes for them. In this process, I experimented with using svg animations. They become somewhat resource heavy when painted in fullscreen, so we never published them in production.

Low poly themes

Nintendo DSi Browser

Following up an earlier release for the DS, in 2008 Opera made a revamped browser for the much better suited DSi console. We had limited memory resources to use on the UI, so the toughest challenge to overcome was making the interface properly intuitive and useful. We solved it by making greyscale button sets and then loading color maps to replace the greys in the different scenarios. The inspiration for the graphical elements is taken from the Nintendo universe. It's playful, colorful and inviting to the user.

Production and final samples

Nintendo Wii Internet Channel

In 2006, Nintendo and Opera decided to create a browser for a completely new game console with a novel input controller. #34BEED. That color code was what I had to work with when I was thrown into this, at the time, very secret project. It was the color of the disk slot on the device. We hammered on and turned a feature rich, complex and customizable desktop browser into a straight forward, easy to use application that worked on TV sets ranging from old, small CRT's to new high-res flat screens.

Interface samples